Mindworks was founded in 2013 by Denise Celdran and Dr. Miguel F. Celdran, a pediatrician.  Dr. Celdran has been practicing for more than 50 years and realized that there were a lot of overmedicated and mistakenly diagnosed cases of ADHD as well as an increase in autism cases. He also recognized that there was a need for non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical intervention that was needed as some cases were exacerbated by excessive use of pharmaceuticals.

At an opportune moment, Denise was introduced to Dr. Joseph Guan, Asia’s most prominent Neurofeedback practitioner based in Singapore. Dr. Guan is the founder of Brain Enhancement Centre (http://www.bec-eeg.com). The meeting was serendipitous as they realized that Neurofeedback was the non-invasive solution they were looking for.

Dr. Guan trained and helped create the different programs of Mindworks to address many different neurological issues. Dr. Cheryl Ramirez is the main protégé if Dr. Guan and has become an expert in Neurofeedback and Neurotherapy on her own, thanks to further studies and researches she continues to make.

Since 2013, Mindworks has treated many cases ranging from simple insomnia to complex cases such as autism, seizure disorder, stroke, etc. Neurofeedback has also found a following among individuals just looking to enhance the performance of their brain and maximize it to reach their full potential.

Dr. Ramirez has seen many cases alleviated and improved with regular Neurofeedback sessions, from young children to senior adults alike.  Since its inception, Mindworks has expanded to offering complementary therapies such as Homeopathy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and IV Nutrient Infusion to address deficiencies and detoxify sclera or deposits in the brain. The approach of Mindworks is holistic with its cornerstone being Neurofeedback Therapy.


Mindworks looks forward to constantly improving their services and values to improve the quality of people’s lives and giving everyone the opportunity to be the best that they can be.

A center made to inform people that mind health is just as important as physical health.

Established in 2013.


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