What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback (NF) is a non-invasive EEG therapy that can be used on any individual wishing to enhance brain function and performance in any way.It is a scientifically proven computer-aided biofeedback technique that i involves reading waves and analyzing its deviation from a database of standard healthy brain patterns. In areas where a deviation from the norm is detected, the correct brain wave pattern is fed back to the brain through a series of audio and visual rewards. In time, the brain learns how to create these normative patterns, resulting in more coherent communication between the different parts, thereby improving brain function. Simply put, Neurofeedback is brain exercise. Applications include peak performance for executives, athletes, musicians or anyone wishing to achieve more focus, concentration and clarity. Specialized applications include protocols for a wide variety of neurological conditions such as but not limited to: Anxiety, ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Depression, Dementia, PTSD and Parkinson’s among many others.

What do I expect when I go in for an initial consultation?

During the initial consultation, our doctors interview and collect information on the psychological and/or neurological condition that you would like to address. After the initial interview, a brain scan using EEG electrodes attached to the scalp is done to read the brainwaves and determine which part of the brain is not coherent or communicating properly with each other and which parts are not regulated. Results are evaluated by the attending doctor and matched versus the client’s chief issues/complaints and desired brain fitness goals. Based on this, the appropriate Neurofeedback program is created. The client then comes in regularly for a series of brain training or Neurofeedback sessions lasting about 30 minutes each visit.

What happens during a Neurofeeback Session?

During a NF session, EEG electrodes are attached to the areas of the brain that need to be improved based on the recommended protocol. Because the sensitive electrodes can pick up minute electrical activity, the brainwaves appear on a computer screen and are matched against a Normative Brainwave Database approved by the FDA in the USA. The client, with the help of visual and auditory rewards, is able to train his own brain to increase or decrease certain activity resulting in better coherence and more regulated electrical brain activity. It is important to note that no voltage or current goes to the brain during an NF session.

How does NF work?

NF is like a mirror in which the client can see his or her own brainwaves displayed on a computer monitor. The client then plays simple computer games with just the mind (no hands) to stimulate brain activity in the direction that the computer wants it (based on Normative Brainwave Database approved by the FDA in the U.S.A). When the client is able to make their own brain waves behave closely to the brainwaves from the database, they will hear melodious sounds and a visual reinforcement on the screen. In time, because of operant conditioning (similar to Pavlov’s dog), the brain will have trained to behave in the patterns needed for optimum coherence and function. In time, because of the brain’s neuroplasiticity, the neural synapses would have reorganized itself into a more cohesive whole.

When will I see changes or results?

Since NF is a form of brain exercise (similar to going to the gym to build up muscle), the results will begin to manifest in about 20 sessions. Some may exhibit signs of improvement as early as the 10th session. It is important to be aware of any improvements, changes or effects and communicate this to your therapist so that your brain fitness goals can be reached effectively.

How frequent should I have my sessions?

For the best result, the ideal frequency is 2-3 sessions a week, spaced apart by 1 or 2 days.If however the client is coming from out of town, schedule may be arranged to maximize his stay in Manila.

How long is a session?

An initial consultation may take at least 1 hour including having a brain map done. Regular sessions lasts approximately 30 minutes including attaching and removing the electrodes.

Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects because this is a non-invasive procedure.

Who can benefit from NF?

People of all ages can benefit from NF. Even if you don’t have any significant neurological challenges, the brain exercise and training will train your brain to self-regulate. This enhances the function of the central nervous system and improves mental performance, emotions and even physiological stability.

Can I take medications while under the NF program?

Yes it is advised to continue with medication while NF programs are on-going. As the treatment progresses, it is necessary to re-evaluate your medication dosage with your attending physician/neurologist/psychiatrist to take into account the changes that may occur due to NF therapy. A reduction in medication is highly possible as the changes in the electrical activity of the brain (brainwaves) brought about by NF also affects the chemical composition which medications are trying to correct.

Will my symptoms recur if I stop NF?

The benefits of brain training with NF remain long after training is done. Sometimes, due to underlying neurological or genetic issues, or if you experience trauma, injury or extreme stress, it may be possible for you to experience a relapse. The brain is devoted to its own regulation so once it undergoes an intensive training session, it remembers how to regulate itself. Once you have completed your recommended protocol, occasional “maintenance” sessions can be beneficial but not necessary.

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