It is also called the following: 

  • Master Antioxidant - reduces risk of inflammatory related diseases

  • Powerful Detoxifier - removes potentially harmful chemicals & most heavy metals

  • Enhances Immune System & Cellular Health - to prevent and fight infection

Health Benefits

To understand the health benefits of Glutathione, you must first understand its role within the body. Found naturally in other plants and animals and naturally produced within each and every cell of our own bodies, Glutathione is an antioxidant involved in many of the processes of the body. As a major internally produced antioxidant, it is directly responsible for neutralizing free radicals while simultaneously supporting the correct functioning and processing of vitamins C and E. Likewise, it is used in many different biochemical and metabolic reactions, such as DNA synthesis, tying it directly to the continued health of every system in the body. Other uses include regulating the nitric oxide cycle and metabolizing iron. Without either of those two working properly, death would occur.

Because of this, many take it as a supplement to bolster their immune system and reduce the risk of suffering from inflammatory diseases. Doctors even give injections to chemotherapy patients to offset the poisonous side effects of the radiation. It can also be used as an inhalant where it is taken in to treat various lung diseases. Supplements that boost the body's natural production of Glutathione are taken orally, to ward off heart disease, hepatitis, liver disease, Parkinson's, and osteoarthritis. The most sought after use, however, is its role as such a potent antioxidant.

Powerful Detoxifier

First of all, Glutathione detoxifies the body, meaning it aids the liver in filtering out harmful chemicals and metals. The two most important toxins it targets are mycotoxins and pthalates.


Mycotoxins are also known as mold toxins and occur in every type of nut, seed and grain. No matter how hard you work to keep your stores dry, even places like the heating ducts allow mold to grow. Ingesting high levels of this leads to fatigue, respiratory problems, food allergies, skin rashes, joint pain and heart problems to only name a few.

The other toxin, pthalate, is perhaps the scariest. It leaches from all types of plastic containers into the very food and water we drink. Anything plastic usually contains these, including cosmetics, rugs, toys, furniture, clothing and beverages. Research shows that it causes reproductive issues, disrupts natural hormonal balance, results in birth defects and contributes to developmental delays in children. It can even block male hormones, interfering with genital development in boys and leading to erectile dysfunction in men.

Glutathione on a Veitnam War Veteran with Parkinsons Disease.

Slows the normal Aging Process

Age is something that scares everyone. Not only do attractive physical traits disappear, we become much more prone to falling victim to serious health issues. Luckily, glutathione offers you a way to slow the process down considerably. Because aging is mostly due to the build up of toxins in our bodies, the antioxidant's power to rid us of the harmful substances means that aging can be halted. While the liver is the main filter of the body, it doesn't always work at peak levels, meaning a glutathione increase will only benefit this process. At optimum levels, it keeps the mitochondria, or the energy powerhouses, functioning correctly. This also allows it to keep energy levels within the body much higher for much longer.

Keep in mind, however, that glutathione cannot do this on its own. In order to truly get it to work properly, stress reduction and a healthy diet are essential. Stress reduction can come in many forms, but the best is some form of light exercise. From walking to swimming, working the body releases chemicals in the brain that naturally relieve stress and boost your mood. As for the diet, eating the proper foods will keep your natural levels of glutathione high as well as provide the body with the essential nutrients it needs to fend off the negatives of aging. Paired with a glutathione supplement regime, you'll look and feel much younger than your actual age.


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