Homeopathy is a 200 year-old medical system that uses non-toxic healing remedies made from natural sources. It works on strengthening the immune system, vital force and mental state of an individual to alleviate and be more resistant to diseases-- be it physical or mental.

For those with challenging health needs, you may want to get a Constitutional Consultation. Often times, a disease miasma takes over the body and pharmaceutical medicine only serves to maintain disease instead of restoring health. Homeopathy can reverse some disease states and increase the vital force. In some instances, we can only hope for a decrease in medication and an improvement in many symptoms. A Constitutional Consultation is a highly individualised inquiry into a person’s health history, including mental, physical and psycho-emotional states. From this meeting, the homeopath determines the disease layers and the accompanying remedy to release each layer one by one, thus loosening the entangled vital force and restore it to normal health.

A center made to inform people that mind health is just as important as physical health.

Established in 2013.


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