SAPNA UTTAM is a certified clinical hypnotherapist who  studied and trained in Hong Kong under the EKAA (Ekagra Karma        Apara        Antara) curriculum from India. Sapna is also IMDHA (International Medicine and Dental Hypnotherapy Association) certified. She trained under Dr. Yuvraj

Kapadia, the Founder of EKAA. Sapna takes on a holistic approach to wellness through mind, body and soul.  

PRE-CONSULTATION 45 minutes  -  Php  3,000 

If you are interested in looking for a deeper meaning to what life has in store, how to understand your mind and body from a metaphysical perspective but are not sure which herapy is suited for you, then a pre-consultation is recommended. 

HYPNOTHERAPY  60 - 90 minutes  -   Php 6,000 

During this session, you will be able to access your subconscious mind and determine the root cause of one’s issues and problems. This session takes a client as far back as they need to go in order to heal the issues that have been bothering them their entire life to the point of affecting their health. 

It is a safe and known way to treat recurring issues that don’t seem to work with modern medicine and through normal therapy. 

This therapy is helpul for clients with cancer, bi-polar conditions, depression, anxiety, liver issues, dermatological issues such as exzema and much more.

TRANSITIONAL COACHING    60 minutes -    Php  3,000 

This coaching session examines in depth what your life’s path is and how to heal it from past hurt, trauma, depression and fear. You will be able to understand why things are the way there are at present, how to heal from the past and most imporantly, what step to take to move forward to reaching your true potential and taking control of your life. This session will gently move you forward to where you need to be, with self love and compassion. Some homework to be brought home may be required to make the journey of getting to know yourself more meaningful.  


In this session, metaphysical causes of illnesses and diseases are explored in order to understand one’s physical, emotional and mental blocks. 

It also gives you a deeper understanding of how your thoughts and actions affect your health, provides an avenue for a cathartic release and gives pointers on what you need to do to move ahead. 


PAST LIFE REGRESSION/AGE REGRESSION   60 - 90 minutes   -  Php  5,000 

This session is done under hypnosis to learn lessons that weren’t taken in the past, to understand the reason why these issues are still present in this life and to get an understanding of why things are the way they are at present in order to finally break free from patterns, fears and phobias. 

A center made to inform people that mind health is just as important as physical health.

Established in 2013.


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