What Does Mindworks Do?

          We are a company dedicated to mind and brain health.  We offer services that optimize an individual's brain health, helping him reach his optimal capacity in school, at work or in his daily life. We would want to spread the benefits of brain health and how it affects us as individuals.  Since we started 3 years ago we have had encouraging feedback from our clients with different conditions such as ADHD, ADD, Autism & other neurobehavioral conditions. They have reported having sharper focus, better impulse control, improved executive functions and motor skills, increased verbal output and improved quality of sleep.  Some have even been slowly tapered off their medications. Students, musicians, sports enthusiasts and professionals alike have enjoyed its benefits of attaining a better quality of life.


We are the Philippine’s first full service brain health center specialising in training your brain through NEUROFEEDBACK to become more efficient, flexible and balanced.  


A balanced brain means possessing mental resilience and emotional stability. Whether you are feeling great but want to excel more in your chosen field, or feeling a little down and in need of some de-stressing, we have the program for you. 

Become the better you, unlock the power of your mind and live up to your limitless potential.

Do you feel you can do so much more more to realise your dreams, live the life you want to live and do the things you want to do but sometimes lack the energy, focus and concentration just to get through the day?

Mindworks has the solution for you become the best you can be.    


At the heart of Mindworks is Neurofeedback, a state-of-the-art and customized neurotherapeutic program that reads your brain activity in real time and feeds it back to you-- in the form of images and sounds-- so that your brain can adjust and learn to produce healthier brain wave patterns. With a regulated brain, you improve mental function and agility.

To complement this, we also offer advanced brain health supplements with all natural ingredients that provide your brain with the proper nutrition to function optimally.


Everyone can benefit from a healthy brain and a healthy mind functioning at its best. Whether your goal is to achieve peak performance to realise your full potential or to help someone with special needs and developmental delays, our team can find the solution for you.

Peak Performance Goals that can benefit from Neurofeedback:


Increase I.Q., focus and concentration

Manage stress and improve sleep

Regulate emotions and improve relationships

Decrease mental clutter and increase productivity

Learn a new language or musical instrument or master a sport

Neurofeedback can help with these conditions:





Autism Spectrum



Developmental Delay/Mental Delay

Dyslexia/Learning Disability

Epilepsy/Seizure Disorder


Insomnia/Sleep Disorder

Movement Disorder

Pain Management  

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder




and many other psychological and neurological conditions that involve brain wave activity.

A center made to inform people that mind health is just as important as physical health.

Established in 2013.


Unit 311 Narra Bldg.

2276 Chino Roces Ave Extension

Makati City, Philippines


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