Read about our clients' experiences as they journeyed towards wellness through the power of Neurofeedback.   


Joaquin, 5 y/o with Attention, Hyperactivity and Language Problems

“He has shown increased communication, 2-way communication, original thought & sentences, expresses himself better & less frustrated. He has better focus on tasks, better concentration & less hyper. He is keen to learn & is very compliant when coached by his teachers at school in socializing with peers. His gross motor development has improved, he loves to play soccer now. He is interested in learning and discovering new things. He is extremely talkative, very eager to talk w/ peers & adults. He is able to socialize better & is more confident. We believe that the combination of NF & other therapy (ST/OT/ABA) has helped him make huge progress over the year. NF has been a great addition to his therapy profile as it provides a stimulus that regular therapy doesn’t; being able to energize the brain with a specialized, tailored program to suit the individual needs of the patient is invaluable“.

Juni, 6 y/o male with ADHD

He talked excessively and frequently interrupted other’s conversations. His attention span and concentration were sub-optimal so his academic performance was suffering and learning was difficult. After 40 Neurofeedback sessions, there are now observed developments in his behavior. We noticed improvements in verbal coherence and expression. He is now minimally supervised and already exhibits some degree of patience. He can sit still for a longer amount of time and follow instructions promptly and properly. His performance at school has shown improvement as well.

Max, 33 y/o male with ADD

Was physically and mentally stressed due to the rigors and high-pressure work in the kitchen. Since he started Neurofeedback, he is now able to organize his thoughts and his day more efficiently. He also has had an easier time falling asleep, feels less irritable and can control his emotions better. When stress is building up, he is able to quickly regain his focus, stays calm and thus feels more in control at work. His boss even remarked, “You’re a well-oiled machine!” These changes came from 30 sessions of Neurofeedback!

Lawrence, 5 y/o male, with Sensory Integration and Attention Deficit Disorder

After just 1 session, he immediately started and completed his schoolwork on time! After 30 sessions, according to his mom, he was still able to finish his work promptly and sometimes even earlier than his classmates! His grades have significantly improved too. Before he would get grades of 2’s, but now they are all in the upper range of 3-4! Moreover, his mom notes, “His handwriting has improved but needs help/practice in controlling his letter formation within the lines. According to his OT, gross motor skills improved but he still needs therapy due to weak muscle tone.” However, she continues, “His excessive talking has lessened, he is more confident (recited a prayer in front of the whole school) and he can handle his emotions better (used to be emotionally-impulsive & quick-tempered).”

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Bruce, a 9 y/o boy with Autism

His mother reported to us, “His behavior has changed such as he has better focus, more eye contact, longer attention span and less tantrums. He also gets along more with the other kids and now enjoys dancing & singing without getting mad or hiding. Cognitively, he can identify and write numbers, while his photographic memory has increased. Speech-wise, he initiates 1-3 words and now asks/seeks attention when he needs something. Also, his vocal tics have disappeared!”

David, a 4 y/o male with ASD, non-verbal

His mother notes that he is less hyperactive and his attention span greatly improved. She notes, “We are not chasing him around the house anymore…we are more relaxed now when we eat our meals!”). Moreover, he can follow instructions already, even new ones the we have not demonstrated to him. He can also mimic words he hears on TV and has started to verbalize some words on his own. He also has better pencil grip so his handwriting and his coloring looks nicer.

Rory, a 5 y/o male with ASD, verbal

After 56 sessions, his parents reported “hyperactivity has been significantly reduced, focus & sitting span increased, eye contact, memory, reading & writing ability improved. He can follow simple commands & now obeys instantly (e.g. when he is called back). His tantrums and irritability are reduced. He is more emotional (for the first time he cried watching a movie!) & now displays a more humorous side.” Whereas before he would run away while walking in the street, now he likes to hold on to his parents’ hands. It was also noticed that he is more curious of his surroundings (looks out the window when riding a taxi). He now chooses what clothes to wear. And for the first time, he joined his classmates during snack time (before he preferred to eat alone during recess)!

James, 17 y/o male, with Asperger’s

After 10 sessions, he has started to socialize with family & friends (says “hi” to friends, texts/chats, takes selfies). He is showing signs of being a responsible son and big brother, reminding his younger siblings to obey Mommy or to do the house chores. According to his father, “Being responsible, focused & independent or showing signs of maturity are becoming more evident [and consistent] in him. I can’t really tell if it is just part of his growing up, but it happened during the time he is at the center. So we intend to continue the sessions and be positive about it. ”

Mood Disorder

Justin, 34/M, Depression

Justin came in to our centre for help to alleviate high levels of depression which led to work dysfunctionality and broken relationships. Initially, he was observed to be numb, lethargic, gloomy and quite disoriented. He reported that his sleep pattern was interrupted and bouts of inattention and somatic pain were heightened. After 20 sessions, his mood and coping mechanisms improved significantly. He started to become more aware of his emotions, needs and wants. By having the capacity to recognize and divert unwanted thoughts, he was enabled to think more logically and be more expressive. He is opening up his life again and developing a sense of appreciation. There are more bright days now than dark ones. He states, “Finding [my] self-worth is a journey alone. I am learning to let go of problems I cannot handle and to release negative emotions. I feel I can achieve success again.” He reveals his newfound strength and acquired self-knowledge will guide him to handle future challenges and setbacks. Now, he is more jovial, vivacious and engaging! He is back to his routine and working on his targets.

Cathy, 52/F, Anxiety Disorder with Cognitive and Memory Impairment

Co-workers of Cathy, a nurse in the U.S., started noticing memory lapses in her. She would forget to do tasks or sometimes find herself lost in the city. This prompted her to come back to the Philippines to do Neurofeedback. After 24 sessions, memory improvements were noticed. For example, she remembered their car’s parking slot or where she left her money. Her repetitive questions (ex. “Kamusta si _____?”) usually at intervals of 5 minutes have lessened and interval has lengthened.

After completing her program, she wrote, “I was able to regain (my) confidence and decrease my worries and I feel good. Thanks to all the staff for being nice and understanding.”

Her sister also noted, “The neurofeedback sessions made a big difference in the life of my sister because I saw the big transformation (in her). She regained her former self and changes began to appear. Before she started sessions, she was gloomy, often irritable and would not even fix herself up when going out. Now she grooms herself and she would sing and laugh a lot. Her mood is lighter and more joyful . . .” She further noted: “. . . She became submissive to Neurofeedback and was able to express herself. Thanks to all the staff for being so kind to us.” She willingly submitted herself to the sessions and was eager to do it. She would even be the one to remind others that she had Neurofeedback sessions to go to. She was more expressive of what she wanted to do.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Liz, 44/F, physical therapist

Liz had a vehicular accident causing significant cognitive decline. “Neurofeedback (NF) made me more aware of my deficits and able to correct them. It’s mind over matter. NF is a tool that will sharpen different parts of the brain to enhance its specific functions. I am goal-oriented and that’s how I was able to accomplish goals for progression to the next level. I have gained my memory, increased alertness, increased awareness of my surroundings, decreased forgetfulness, improved decision making and better self-control. I now understand my doctorate studies better… Before it will just slide… now I really appreciate it and able to correlate and understand rather than survive. Thank you!“

Sleep Disorder

Wendy, 52 y/o female:

“I have deeper and better quality of sleep.”

Jennifer, 40 y/o female:

“My sleep is uninterrupted, I don’t wake up at 2am anymore.”

Peak Performance

Philip, 29 y/o male, nurse

Philip reported alarming forgetfulness, somatic pain and interrupted sleep. After 12 sessions, he observed improved memory recall. He can easily remember notes he only glanced at—something he claims to be unusual for him! After his 40 sessions, he gladly reported that his sleep is better, neck pains had vanished and memory was far better than before.

Tata, 66/F, homemaker & artist

“My mood is better, I feel more calm and I enjoy myself more. I can think and do tasks in a more organized way. And my tinnitus has decreased!“

Gigi, 50/F, entrepreneur

“There’s more equanimity or balance. I don’t feel as slow and response lag is shorter. I also feel less heavy physically & emotionally… more alive! I’m also less panicky when put on the spot or given a new task.”

Susan, 53/F, business executive

“Neurofeedback (NF) helped me to achieve better focus & it has improved my level of concentration. I have proven for myself that the performance of the brain is directly correlated with the quality & depth of sleep. Being relaxed and staying in a positive mood are both contributing to achieve peak performance of the brain. NF helped me to realize my areas of weakness thru the brain mapping test conducted prior to start of training sessions. Programs were designed to help me address my deficiencies in verbal expression, control over my emotional outbursts such as anger, fear, extreme competitiveness. I have experienced positive effects of the training sessions as I am now more in control of my emotions and more relaxed. Thanks to Dra Cheryl as well for introducing me to NF, helping me to fully appreciate the benefits of the program. It was a pleasure attending my neurofeedback sessions with you all, Wella, Less, Kim and Aisa. One of the best decisions I made!”

Luis, 68/M, businessman

“My golf game has definitely improved! I’ve noticed an increased focus on my work and my emotional reaction has become less offensive, more calm and have better understanding of my wife’s needs.”

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